Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

The Magazine :

A selection of the latest english language news articles published on the Ladignac web site

Getting started

This site is more than just a means for the council to display information about the commune, it is interactive - everyone can submit text and photos for publication.   If you are president of an association for example, you can apply to the site adminstrators to become a registered author with a password that allows you to enter information about your association, its activities and events yourself.  Just use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page to send an email explaining who you are and what you wish to contribute (french or english is fine).  We will be in touch !

Of course, most of the information on the site is originated in French, but would be much more user friendly for english speaking residents and overseas visitors if it were also available in English.  For this reason the commune needs help with translation.  If you would like to help, please contact us...

Once you are registered, submitting information is easy,  you can simply type the text directly into the site using an editor a bit like MS Word, or you can copy/paste from a text you have already prepared in MS Word.

Newly entered articles and translations are stored on the site, but not displayed to the public at once.  A list of new articles is displayed only to the site administrators, who will check and approve the content before "ticking the box" to make it public.

An article can be edited on line after it is published, but only by the person who wrote it originally or by the site administrators.

This is your site - why not help make it even better !

Regards David Keast - webmaster.