Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

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ecole 2


Ecole de Ladignac le Long-Le Bourg-
87500 Ladignac le Long
phone: 05 55 09 33 61

headmaster (directeur): Mr RENAUD

On the following pages, you will find information about:


  • The grades (classes) and teachers (instiituteurs)
  • The school hours 
  • The pre and after school care (creche) hours
  • The details of extra curricular activities (TAP = Temps d’Activités Péri-éducatives) and complementary educational activities (APC = activités pédagogiques complémentaires)
  • The school year time table
  • The parents association and involvements opportunities 
  • The canteen
  • Various details that you can download and referred links

Translation : Jean-François Célèrier