Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

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the lake

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Our commune (village) offers the benefits of an artificial lake of 9 hectares (22 ¼ acres). It was built in 1970-71.

Whilst bathing and swimming are not allowed, nature walks all around the perimeter are encouraged to discover and enjoy the well-established birds and other water seeking animal habitats. You are free to use the play and picnic areas just to relax or to initiate cherished family memories.

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At the lake, you can easily access the “plan d’eau” walking track which will take you on a 5 km circuit.

 Our lake is also a favourite destination for our fishing friends as it ranks in the top category of the Haute-Vienne district fishing federation (Federation de Pêche de la Haute-Vienne). Check out the link: http://www.federation-peche87.com

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Translation : Jean-François Célèrier