Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

The Pays de Saint-Yrieix invites you


Located at the heart of a triangle between Limoges, Périgeux and Brive, where the regions of Limousin and Périgord meet, the history of the area is about the passion of its people for thier land.

This is a land of prospectors for gold and their knowledge.  The discovery of kaolin in the 18th century gave birth  to the porcelaine industry, the hands of men shaped the wood of the chestnut and turned earth into tiles. The recipe for the madelaine was created in the old town of St Yrieix.

The area is also home to young cattle farmers, cul noir pigs and anglo-arab horses who all contribute to shaping the landscape.

Because the soil and climate suit apples so well, local apples growers have been awarded the distinction of an AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée) for the Golden du Limousin.

Numerous historic sites such as the medieval walled cities of St Yrieix and Ségur le Château bear witness to the fact that this is also a land of great builders.

The Communauté de Communes du Pays de Saint-Yrieix is made up of 9 communes :

Coussac-Bonneval, Glandon, Ladignac-Le-Long, La Meyze, La Roche L'Abeille, Le Chalard, Saint- Eloy- Les-Tuileries, Saint -Yrieix and Ségur- Le -Château.