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Submitting an article

What is an article ?

For the purposes of this site, an article is any piece of information to be published on the site, it is a catch-all term that includes notices, announcements, events, reports etc. as well as "articles" in the journalistic sense of the term.  An article can include links to other sites, photos, videos, music, contact information - anything that could be included in an email for example.


Entering the information

First, you must be a registered author.  To register, just use the "s'inscrire/register" link at the top of the page, then use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page to send an email explaining who you are and what you wish to contribute (french or english is fine).  We will be in touch !

If you already a registered author, you will need to log in to identify yourself.  Once you are logged in, a new menu will appear with facilities to change your personal details, submit an article or, if you have administrator rights, make more extensive changes to the site.  Once logged in, any article that you originated will display an "edit" tag at the top right.  Click on this and you can edit your article directly.

To add a new article, click "submit an article".  A new window will open showing a text editor a bit like a simplified version of MS Word.  Use this to type the text direct, or copy/paste from MS Word.   On the left of the screen there will be a step by step guide to entering the information.

NB.  If your article is to contain photos, these must not be integrated into an MS Word document for copy/paste, they must be uploaded separately.

Take the time to find your way around the text editor - it is quite powerful.


The importance of categories

Every article is assigned to a category (one only), and this determines where it is displayed on the site.  The default category : "uncategorised" means that the article will not be displayed except in a list of all articles, where it can easily be overlooked. 

To draw the attention of users to additions or changes to the site, the latest 10 new or modified article titles are displayed in the "latest updates" box on the front page in chronological order.  Similarly, to draw the attention of users to upcoming events, the titles of the latest 5 new or modified events are displayed in the events box on the front page in chronological order.

There are two main classes of category :  Permanent information and Topical information

Permanent information is information about the commune such as names of officers, contact details, lists of businesses etc.  There are sub categories for commune, businesses, health, tourism and associations.  Think of this as being like a phone directory, but with much more detailed information - we've called this "directory".  These articles are assigned menu items in the top menu of the site and are displayed in full when the relevant menu item is selected. 

Topical information is transient information such as events, reports of events, news, notices, background information, articles of general interest etc., it also has sub categories for official notices, events, etc.  Think of this as being a like a magazine - in fact we've called it "magazine".   The titles of the latest articles assigned to category magazine or its sub categories are displayed in chronological order in the "latest updates" box and displayed in full when the "magazine" button is clicked.  These items normally have an expiry date assigned, when they will be automatically removed from the display to avoid cluttering the site with out of date information.

Each of these two sets of categories exists in both french and english.  It is up to the orginator of each item to ensure that a translation is provided in the other language if they feel it is worthwhile.


Adding to or changing a "directory" article

If you are the author of the article, you will be able to modify it via the user interface, if not, please send the information to the site administators using the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page.


Adding a "magazine" article

Registered authors can simply enter the information via the site user interface, assign it to the desired category and language.  Please also assign an end of publication date - many sites are rendered almost unusable by endless lists of out of date events. Our site has an automatic cut off facility - please use it ! 

Your article then appears in a list of articles for approval by the site administrators who are also alerted automatically by email.  When checked and approved the article becomes visible to the public.  If there is a problem, the administrators will contact the author.

David Keast - Webmaster

Excuse us please !

This article is not yet finished. 

Soon we hope...


We need more volunteers to translate the french language articles into good english. 

Could you help us ?  English language information is vital to attract international visitors.

Please call the mairie on 05 55 09 30 02, or David Keast : 06 42 31 97 54 (in english, french or dutch).