Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

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Walking trail "The two forests" (12km)

The trail is a 12 km loop and will take you approximately 3 hours. There are yellow markers along the route to ensure you do not stray off the pathway. LADIGNAC

The route starts in front of the Mairie.

Download the plan here


1.  Take la rue Jules Ferry then rue François Mitterrand (in the direction of Jumilhac).

2.  Turn right towards Mesurat.

3.  Turn left on the road to Jouberteix.

4.  At Jouberteix, bear left, the marked path is via a small bridge, to the forest of Ladignac.

5.  Continue in the Ladignac forest to La Ribière.

6.  Go through hamlet “Trou du Loup” (Wolf Trap)

7.  Carry on to La Gaillardia and after a bridge on the side turn left into the forest of Le Chalard.

8.  You climb to an altitude of 369 m, crossing paths. There is the possibility of joining the circuit of Le Chalard).

9.  Proceed towards Ladignac.

10.   At Mazeaux leave the forest, the route goes through the village.

11.   Head back to Ladignac.


Translation : Deborah and Alan Taplin


Please follow the countryside code at all times.