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87500 elsewhere in the world

May 2015 : There are many different systems of post codes around the world, but some countries, for example the USA, use the same system of 5 numbers that is used in France.SantaFe

In the USA, 87500 is the post code for Santa Fe County, New Mexico, population 70,000. Santa Fe is at 2,134 m above sea level (altitude of the capitole). It is the highest state capital in the USA. 



Santa Fe has a high-altitude steppe climate.  There are large temperature changes between day and night and between winter and summer.  Santa Fe has between 50-75 mm of rain per month in summer and 13 cm of snow per month in winter.  It receives more than 300 days of sunshine per year.


Santa Fe has the lowest polution of any city in the world according to the OMS






The first occupants were the Amérindiens pueblos (named thus by the Spanish)  They worked the soil, made pottery and built dwellings in Adobe.  santafe1


In 1848, New-Mexico passed into american control throught the treaty of Guadeloupe Hidalgo and in 1912 became the 47th state of the Union.  Santa Fe remained the state capital.   


David Keast - may 2015