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Extra-curricular activities


TAP:Temps Activités péri-éducatives - Extra curricular activities
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A variety of TAP activities are made available by Council (Mairie). The activities on offer are changed for each period. (one period means from end of one holiday to start of the next holiday, e.g. period 1 runs from return to school in September to the mid term "Toussaint" holiday of october & november). "TAP" extra curricular activities are not compulsory. Children may be fetched from school at the end of the last class of the day.
TAP activities, for Children in junior and middle (petite & moyenne) sections, are carried out in their own classroom.

For more specific information on the TAP activities available in Ladignac le Long, please enquire with the Council office (Mairie) 
For information of a more general nature about TAP activities, pleas click on the following link:
information rythmes scolaires

APC : Activités Pédagogiques Complémentaires - Complementary Educational Activities

APC activities are managed by the teachers. During this periods, the pupils are working in small groups on a designated topic to be consolidated. If your child express concerns as the result of these activities, your child's teacher will let you know. 

For more general information
APC activities, please click on the following link:
information APC