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Active and reactive parents

carnaval 2012


There are many ways to be an active parent:

- To be a volunteer within the classes at the request of the teacher.
Throughout the school year, teachers require assistance, for instance to escort the class for their swimming pool (piscine) or toy library (ludothèque) sessions or any other school outing.  

- To be a Representative of the Parents (School Council).

Parents are full members of the educative community. Dialogue with the teachers and other staff members employed by the school is of paramount importance. Representatives of the school children's parents par-take in school council meetings.
Check the link: info delegues parents d'eleves

- The Association of School Children's Parents: for your kids fun!
The association organizes a variety of activities for and with the children, such as The Christmas fair, the Carnival masquerade, an Easter egg hunt and the Break up fair at the end of the school year. The aim is to create happy moments and memories for the children and also to generate funds to finance various direct or lateral school activity projects.