Le plan d'eau

Château Ladignac

 l'église (12e siécle) de Ladignac 

Nature trail "Sentier de la Biche" (deer path - 5km)

There are two marked walks in the area, a nature trail called the Red Deer path and the Two Forests walk.

The Red Deer Path (Sentier de la Biche)

This walk has been in place since 2004, it is approximately 5 kilometres long and should take around 2 hours. It is open to all and should pose no difficulties.

This trail invites you to discover the natural landscape and wildlife and fauna of this area.

There are markers along the route either as posts or plaques on walls which give specific information.la borne des hirondelles sentier

The markers are educational and recreational devices giving information about local "flora and fauna". The trail also gives you an indication of the economic development in the area. At one time there was a local gold mine which is longer worked and farming and forestry were and are major industries. There are ‘medieval’ sunken roads which were the original pathways used by people in the village.

There are four major themes along the route.

Water, Woods, Stone, Wildlife

The 10 markers are intended to:

Generate interest and enthusiasm for the visitor.

Go at the visitors pace.

borne sentier d'interprétation

Develop the visitors’ interest and knowledge.

The 10 interpretive stations are:

  1. Welcome board. Departure point
  2. Sunken roads
  3. Dragonflies and damselflies. Look out also for other creatures around the water.
  4. Wild animal tracks.
  5. Chestnut coppices. These are chestnut woods and are an important crop in this area. They are coppiced approximately every 10 - 15 years as part of the woodland management.
  6. Bats
  7. Swallows and swifts. You may see them flying overhead as they are attracted to the area for breeding. You may also see some nests under the eaves of houses.
  8. Tree and shrub hedges
  9. Quartz and gold. The local stone is granite and quartz.
  10. Local birds

Finally if you are lucky you may see some of the local wildlife, deer are particularly common in this area but they are very shy creatures. We also have wild boar which you are unlikely to see as they hide deep in the woods. If you do see one please don’t approach it as they are nervous creatures which can make them dangerous. You may also see traces of foxes, badgers, rabbits and hares.

Download the prospectus : here

Download the map : here

Translation : Deborah and Alan Taplin